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Beckett and PWCC Marketplace partner for streamlined grading service

Clients submit cards to PWCC Marketplace – no print forms, no service tiers, no up-front fees – and receive Beckett graded cards for auction in 10 business days

PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2022 – Beckett and PWCC Marketplace have launched a streamlined grading service, which gives card owners the ability to quickly move raw cards through the Beckett grading process and straight to auction on PWCC. The service includes PWCC-managed submissions and shipping, a 10-day grading turnaround estimate, the elimination of value-based grading tiers and paperwork, no up-front fees, and Beckett’s subgrade and autograph grading service on all cards.

“Our goal with this partnership is to provide liquidity for all,” said Jesse Craig, Director of Business Development at PWCC Marketplace. “Giving owners of raw cards options for fast, high-quality, and easy-to-use grading services from an industry renowned brand like Beckett is a key step in creating that liquidity and improving the diversity of cards available in the marketplace. We’re very excited to be adding Beckett grading to our list of services for clients.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with PWCC to marry our best-in-class grading with their Marketplace,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Beckett. “It’s a natural partnership, and it’s also part of our effort to be a one- stop platform for the collectibles industry as a whole.”

The strategic partnership between PWCC Marketplace – the leader in the trading card investment market – and Beckett – the most trusted name in the collectibles industry – provides expedient turnaround times from Beckett’s expert graders, who deliver the industry’s only detailed sub-grade information.

The new offering is live now at:

Raw card submission process The new grading service is accessed via an online submission process through the PWCC website’s streamlined submission page. The cost to grade each card through the service is $50 regardless of genre, category, or value. The costs for grading will be collected from the final sale of the assets on PWCC Marketplace. Beckett subgrades and autograph grades are also included in the service. All submissions are estimated at a 10-day turnaround time. There is no limit to the number of cards a client can submit.

“We’re removing the hurdles associated with grading and selling raw cards,” Craig said. “You send the cards to PWCC and the submission to Beckett is managed by our team. No up-front costs, no package management, no long submission forms, no card value estimates, and no grading tiers. You send in raw cards and in a very short timeframe your cards go up for auction on PWCC with BGS or BVG technical grades.”

About PWCC:

PWCC Marketplace provides the trading card investment market with cutting-edge analytic tools, multiple marketplace offerings perfect for every asset class, secure vault storage with asset appraisal and insurance, and a robust menu of capital lending services. PWCC customers benefit from access to the PWCC Vault – a highly secure, bank-style vault located in Oregon, a sales-tax-free state – a unique mailing address for each Vault account, a digital portfolio of their trading card assets, one-click selling across each PWCC Marketplace, and access to capital loans using their trading card collection as collateral.

Founded in 1998, PWCC retains its status as the leading innovator in the auction world by constantly offering new technologies, products, and services that make the hobby better for investors and collectors looking to buy, sell, and securely store assets.

About Beckett Collectibles The mission of Beckett Collectibles is to provide the most amazing products and services on the planet for collectors. The iconic brand was founded in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards. The company has since expanded into several other collectible categories with its signature price guidance, grading services, and print and digital tools for enthusiasts and professionals in the hobby. With over 30 years of experience assembling the industry's most comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett is uniquely positioned to become the world's premier alternative assets platform. By investing heavily in new digital, subscription, and blockchain technologies, as well as in new verticals and expert talent, Beckett is continuing its commitment to help collectors value, safeguard, and trade their unique items.

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