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Beckett Announces Move to New Plano, TX, Headquarters, Aligned with Strategic Goals and Growth

The move to the new headquarters allows Beckett to “grow the team, improve customer experiences, and boost our turnaround times for grading and authentication,” says Beckett CEO Kunal Chopra.


PLANO, TEXAS, August 12, 2022 — Beckett, the most trusted name in the collectibles industry, today announced that it has officially relocated its headquarters and offices to a new facility in Plano, TX. The new offices—located at 2700 Summit Ave, Suite 100, Plano, TX, 75074 — support Beckett’s growth and new products.

"You’ve seen a lot of announcements from us in the past few months, but our move to Plano is one that we’re especially excited about,” said Kunal Chopra, Beckett CEO. “With this new space, we’re able to grow the team, improve customer experiences, and boost overall efficiency around grading, authentication and turnaround times. It’s all part of our plan to transform Beckett and build the best products and services for collectors."

Beckett will occupy a single-floor, 100,000+ square foot facility that includes a state of the art digital studio, recording space, gym, game room, and huddle spaces. The city of Plano is considered the safest city in Texas and was recently ranked #17 of the top 100 places to live in the United States as well as the third-best city to raise a family in the country.

For Beckett, the move to Plano comes on the heels of several rapid months of product development and organizational change at Beckett, including a redesigned website, the acquisition of VHSDNA, and the launch of the Beckett Vault, among other products and services. Any and all new submissions should be sent to the new Plano address.

About Beckett Collectibles

The mission of Beckett Collectibles is to provide the most amazing products and services on the planet for collectors. The iconic brand was founded in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards. The company has since expanded into several other collectible categories with its signature pricing guidance, grading services, and print and digital tools for enthusiasts and professionals in the hobby. With over 30 years experience assembling the industry’s most comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett is uniquely positioned to become the world’s premier alternative assets platform. By investing heavily in new digital, subscription, and blockchain technologies, as well as in new verticals and expert talent, Beckett is continuing its commitment to help collectors value, safeguard, and trade their unique items.

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