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Beckett Expands Its Offerings With Event Ticket Grading & Authentication Service

Beckett Collectibles, renowned grading and authentication company in the collectibles space, expands services to include the grading and authentication of physical tickets from sporting events, concerts and other live events.

As an industry leader in the collectibles space, Beckett has been providing valuable resources and services to collectors since its founding in 1984. Today the company announces a new service for the collecting hobby: grading and authentication for physical tickets from sporting events, concerts and other live events.

This new line of business builds upon Beckett’s robust range of offerings that currently comprise grading and authentication for sports cards, non-sports trading cards, trading game cards, comic books and celebrity autographs, as well as other collectible media like VHS.

“We’re excited to grade and authenticate tickets for the collector community, this is something we’ve seen a real demand for,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Beckett Collectibles. “Beckett is excited to honor the memories of all the incredible games, concerts and events our collectors have been to. Whether it's autographed tickets or VIP stubs – these are the historic experiences we can help people to cherish, trade and collect through their lives.”

Beckett has brought in Steve Lee as the head of ticket grading to oversee operations. Lee has been an active figure in the hobby for decades, with over 30 years of experience as both a collector and grader of cards and tickets.

Last month Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons stopped by Beckett HQ with two signed Aaron Judge ticket stubs celebrating Judge breaking the all-time home run record. Parsons became the first collector to grade and authenticate a ticket with Beckett.

With the addition of ticket grading to Beckett’s extensive list of services, the heritage-rich collecting company gives sports and music fans a way to preserve their cherished memories, engage with other fans and collectors, and even acquire new mementos along the way.

Key things to know about this announcement:

  • Tickets can be submitted immediately by mail, or via physical drop-off at Beckett’s Plano, TX location.

  • Signed and unsigned tickets can be authenticated by the best authenticators in the industry and graded through our new offering, with an industry leading turnaround time of 30 business days

  • Custom labeling for sentimental treasures, milestone events and memories worth preserving.

  • Grading will be optional for collectors who want lower-cost encapsulation & authentication only.

  • For pricing and service tiers, including additional add-ons like autograph authentication for signed tickets, please visit Customers will able to submit online starting 2/13.

About Beckett Collectibles

The mission of Beckett Collectibles is to provide the most amazing products and services on the planet for collectors. The iconic brand was founded in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards. The company has since expanded into several other collectible categories with its signature pricing guidance, grading services, and print and digital tools for enthusiasts and professionals in the hobby. With over 30 years experience assembling the industry's most comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett is uniquely positioned to become the world's premier alternative assets platform. By investing heavily in new digital, subscription, and blockchain technologies, as well as in new verticals and expert talent, Beckett is continuing its commitment to help collectors value, safeguard, and trade their unique items.

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