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Beckett Starts a New Era of Collectible Trading with NFT Vaulting Product

Yesterday, Beckett Collectibles introduced Beckett Vault, a product that combines digital and physical collectible trading using cutting-edge NFT technology.


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, March 24, 2022 — Beckett Collectibles, an industry leader in authenticating and vaulting physical collectibles, builds on more than two decades of leading industry experience with yesterday’s announcement of Beckett Vault. Utilizing proprietary NFT minting and blockchain technology, Beckett Vault pioneers a new frontier of alternative asset trading by allowing collectors to trade faster, more securely, and more conveniently with digital assets that represent their physical collectibles.

An Innovation for Collectors

“Beckett Vault represents a significant innovation for alternative asset collectors,” said Justin Holbrook, CEO of Beckett Collectibles. “Beckett’s authentication services have been a fan favorite for decades”, Holbrook continued. “Beckett Vault provides a space for that enthusiasm in the digital world, where collectors will now be able to securely trade with each other at a moment’s notice.”

Combining Familiar Processes with Innovative Technology

Beckett Vault uses cutting-edge, blockchain and NFT minting technology to improve on traditional procedures for vaulting and authentication. Beckett Vault takes customers through a four-step process, with collectors first sending their cards or alternative assets to Beckett via mail, similar to its traditional services. Secondly, Beckett Vault grades, authenticates, and slabs cards, similar to its traditional services. Thirdly, Beckett Vault insures, protects, and stores cards or alternative assets in a highly secure, physical vault. Lastly, collectors receive a custom-minted, blockchain-secured NFT that represents the right to instantly trade the asset.

In this product offering, Beckett Vault draws on strengths in physical authentication and vaulting to create a new digital marketplace that allows collectors to trade faster, more securely, and more conveniently.

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